Resident Benefits Package

$30.50 Per Month

Our Resident Benefits Package is included with ALL lease agreements. Tenants will be added to Pine State Property Management's Master Insurance Policy for liability insurance as well as other great features. These following features are included for $30.50 per month.

1. $100,000 Liability to Landlord Insurance Coverage Provided Under the Pine State Property Management Master Policy.
Benefit: Tenants are covered under the Pine State Property Management master policy for $100,000 in liability for accidental damage.
In the event of a claim: Tenants must contact Pine State Property Management for claim submission.
2. No Additional Charges for Rental Payment Options to Include In-Person, ACH, or Check.
Benefit: Tenants simply pay their rent plus the $30.50 per month for an all-inclusive payment (note: Debit and Credit card payments incur an additional fee at the time of payment).
3. Included Tenant Portal for Maintenance, Payment Options, and Electronic Statements and Tenant Ledger.
Benefit: Tenants have free access to our Tenant Portal to submit and track progress on maintenance requests, pay online using all included payment options to include automatic ACH payments, and have access to electronic statements and their tenant ledger.
4. Free Reporting for All Rental Payments made during this Lease to RentBureau.
Benefit: Tenants receive the benefit of positive reporting for all on-time rental payments to RentBureau.
5. 24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support.
Benefit: Tenants can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance issues.
6. One Time Returned Payment Fee Forgiveness.
Benefit: Pine State Property Management will grant a one-time waiver of a returned ACH or Check payment fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I opt-out of this Resident Benefits Package?

Only the Insurance Portion. Pine State Property Management is providing the Resident Benefits Package to all tenants. The included insurance coverage is under our Master Policy and applied to each home under management. Tenants receive the benefits of the coverage without applications, credit checks, or billing.

What if I have my own Renters Insurance coverage?

The Resident Benefits Package will apply to all homes and tenants under our Master Policy. Tenants may opt-out of the insurance portion of this program by showing proof of Renter's Insurance with Tenant Liability to Landlord Insurance coverage of at least $100,000, and naming Pine State Property Management, LLC as ADDITIONALLY INSURED for a monthly savings of $12.50 per month.