Do You Need Help Evicting Tenants in Portland, Brewer and Bangor, ME?

Pine State Property Management can help you

Has your tenant refused to pay rent for months and isn’t returning your calls? The eviction process is complicated, and many property owners don’t know how to deal such a difficult situation.

Pine State Property Management can help you take control of your property. The Maine Landlord Rescue Program will help you:
• Get your tenant to pay rent
• Post notices to vacate the property
• Follow through with an eviction to remove a defaulting tenant
• Clean up the property and get it ready to rent
• Advertise the property for rent and screen applicants
• Place a new tenant in the home using our qualification procedures
• Enroll the owner in our Eviction Assurance Program for future tenants

Call 207-991-9800 today to take advantage of this program.

Learn more about the Maine Landlord Rescue Program

For only $350 plus expenses, we will represent you in negations to remove problem tenants and resolve any other issues you are having with them. Contact Pine State Property Management to learn more about how we can help with your rental property in Portland, Brewer and Bangor, ME.