General Pet Policy

Pine State Property Management's pet policy is generally that we accept pets on a case by case basis. If your pet is a 'non-restricted dog breed' our policy is as follows:

Keeping or having any poisonous, dangerous or endangered species or animals, as well as any unauthorized animal is grounds for immediate eviction. Our pet policy is very strict and enforced.

1. For most properties, we will accept up to two (2) approved pets. Additional pets may be approved at some properties

2. Pets include ANY animal, dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, hamster, snake, turtle etc. that is not a service or therapy animal, with proper paperwork as defined by Fair Housing Guidelines

3. If you are not already a tenant and are applying for a new tenancy, you must list the proposed pet(s) on the application. If you are a current tenant, contact your Property Manager BEFORE getting the pet. If you get a pet, and it ends up not being approved, you have put yourself, and the animal in an unfortunate position.

4. For new and existing tenants, all persons listed on the Lease Agreement will need to approve the pet and take responsibility for it under the terms of the Lease Agreement and Pet Addendum (additional lease change fees may apply for existing tenants)

5. When we receive an application with pets listed, we will contact you for more info about the pet. A separate, nonrefundable, pet application fee of $35 per pet must be paid

6. Pets must be up to date on their vaccinations and registered. Part of the pet application process is providing proof

7. If the pet(s) are accepted, there will be a $30 pet addendum fee due immediately

8. For new tenants, a pet addendum will be included with the Lease Agreement. For current tenants, a pet addendum will be emailed to you and all other residents to sign

9. There is a $30 nonrefundable pet fee per month for each approved pet

10. There will be an annual pet inspection conducted for which you will be charged $100

11. If you get rid of the pet after it has been approved, the pet fees and inspection still apply for the remainder of your time in the property

12. If your pet becomes destructive or disruptive, you may be asked to remove it from the property. In which case, the pet fees and inspection still apply for the remainder of your time in the property

Please note, this does not apply to service or therapy animals with the proper paperwork, as defined by Fair Housing Guidelines.

If your dog is on the 'restricted breed' list, it may still be approved.