Leasing Services

Do you have or expect to have a vacancy? Although we would love to manage your property for you, we understand that some owners like to manage their properties themselves. Pine State Property Management can still help you with our leasing services by quickly finding a tenant for your vacant unit.

Marketing Analysis: First, a market analysis is done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location. Setting the right rent will attract the greatest number of well qualified prospective tenants so you can enjoy stable income and low turnover.

Advertising: Pine State Property Management markets vacancies by means that have proven effective, following our 7 Step Marketing Plan

Screening Process: Pine State Property Management views tenant selection as one of our most important functions. Specially designed Pine State Property Management applications are available to all prospective tenants on this website. The ease to apply has increased the number of applications we receive as well as sped up the processing time. Once a completed application is received in our office, the application is screened for credit, rental and/or ownership references, criminal history, and income, among other things. Pine State Property Management takes great care in carefully screening anyone who is over the age of 18 who will potentially be residing in the unit.

Lease Signing: Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs a lease. Using the latest technology, this can all be done online, further speeding up the leasing process and ease for your new tenants. We require you as the owner to approve the lease used, as we are not qualified to provide legal advice. If an owner has a lease they would like us to use then we will upload it into our system and have the approved tenants sign it. We also have a generic standard lease, which owners can review and approve for use. The tenant must provide a security deposit and first month's rent in certified funds before a lease is signed and the keys turned over.

Accounting: Once the new tenant has signed the lease and funds are collected, a full accounting is made and a distribution is made to you within 10 days of the lease start date. In addition to the above accounting, all tenant contact info as well as the lease documents are provided to you.